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Disney appoints executive to oversee metaverse strategy

Disney has appointed an executive to specifically lead the entertainment giant's strategy for the metaverse. Mike...


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‘Google’ is most searched word on Bing, Google says

The top entry on Microsoft's Bing search engine is for its rival Google, Google has said. The claim was made in court,...

Facebook grilled over mental-health impact on kids

Facebook has defended the impact of its products, saying Instagram has "affirmatively helped" young people. Its global...

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MSSQL ‘Recovery Pending’ Problem

To solve MSSQL Recovery Pending problem follow the steps Stop SQL Remove transaction log on this database Change database mode to emergency mode and restart database After restart run this commands for your database ALTER DATABASE [DB_Name] SET EMERGENCY; DBCC checkdb...

Uninstall Edge from Windows 10

To uninstall Microsoft Edge from Windows 10 Close the Edge browser on your computer.Open the file explorer. You can easily do this by right clicking the Windows start button and then selecting File Explorer.In the file explorer, select This PC.Once in this PC navigate...

High Performance is not shown on PowerSetting

Right click StartSelect RunType regedit and press enter to open the registry editorGo to the folder: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\PowerOn the right, check one of the keys called CsEnabledClick on that keyChange the value from 1 to 0Restart your...

Convert an MBR disk into a GPT disk

Converting using the Windows interface Back up or move the data on the basic MBR disk you want to convert into a GPT disk.If the disk contains any partitions or volumes, right-click each and then click Delete Partition or Delete Volume.Right-click the...

MacBook Virtual Keyboard solution for broken touchbars

The solution was in Karabiner. Download Karabiner. Downloaded the "Map fn + number keys to their corresponding function keys" plugin If you need help you can reach us free online remote support over Anydesk.

Prevent deleting Google Chrome history

It is absolutely possible in windows. You can do it by adding a policy to the chrome browser using Registry Editor. Click the Windows button and search for Registry EditorRight-click on it and select Run as administrator.Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >...

Lenovo 13 Thinkpad series camera freezes after 2 sec

Its realy big problem for Lenovo, when you started the camera, it freeze 2-3 seconds later. Thats the solve 🙂 Press Windows key + R, type regedit, and press Enter.Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Media Foundation\Platform.Right-click on the...

Print non-white colors in your PDF file as only black

On Windows, you can print all of the non-white colors in your PDF file as black, resulting in a simple monochrome printout. Printing as black is useful for printing PDFs that contain text only, or for printing engineering drawings that have lightly colored lines....

Change default browser page Edge to Explorer

Open Microsoft Edge browserGo to SettingsSelect Default browser tab optionin the internet Explorer compatibility setting, you will see an option "Let Internet Explorer open sites in Microsoft Edge" , the default value is Incompatible Sites only(Recommended). You can...

Mac SMC reset

Just hold down Shift+Option+Control when the laptop is off for 7 seconds. It will turn on. After 7 seconds keep holding the keys down and additionally press the power button (Touch ID). The laptop will turn off. Wait a few seconds then turn it on normally, and your...

Delete Windows partition on Mac bootcamp

Launch the Boot Camp Assistant.Click the Continue button in the first screen.Select the Create or Remove a Windows Partition option in the next screenClick Continue again.Select the drive that has your Boot Camp partition, enable the Restore Disk to a Single Mac OS...

How to enable macros in Excel

How to enable macros in Excel If you are willing to accept the risk of enabling all macros in Excel, you can permanently enable them using the Trust Center. Click "File" and then click "Options."In the Excel Options window, click "Trust Center" in the navigation pane...

How to Reduce DNS Lookups

How to Reduce DNS LookupsWhat is a DNS lookup?A DNS stands for Domain Name System which maintains records pertaining to which domain name maps to which IP address. This is commonly compared to a phonebook in that people's names are associated to a particular phone...

What are the differences between CAT6, CAT6e, and CAT6A?

What are the differences between CAT6, CAT6e, and CAT6A? The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) introduced two performance standards; Category 6 (CAT6) and Category 6A (CAT6A). However, there is no CAT6e standard. CAT6TIA’s CAT6 standard sets the bar for...

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